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Our objective in this field is that to our local customers we shall be able to provide the widest range of flexible packaging materials used in the packaging industry. Our supplier base is a trustworthy group of producers, so we can provide to our customers competitive prices, solid, high quality and flexible logistic services.
As part of the service we shall be able to deliver within a short timeframe, regardless of order quantity even for unique dimensions.

This film gives one of the most widest range of possible usage. The biaxially oriented polipropilen film is streched both machine (MD) and transversal (TD) directions, so its surface extends while its thickness is getting lower.

Main area of usage: printing-, foodprocessing-, tobacco- and laminating industry, wrapping magazines , label production, in mould label, wrap around label and packing industrual items.

We also recommend to use BOPP films with wide scale of usage parameters as flowpacks, VFFS packs and very low or very high speed packaging machines. Available film thickness 12-50 my.

Main film types:

  • transparent, one or two side treated, one side sealable the other side printable
  • white and pearlised, one side white, the other side pearlised
  • special metallized
  • matt films
  • acrylic coated films
  • white and transparent label foils
  • IML films

The wide range of available poliester foils are suitable for all kinds of needs in the current modern packaging world, that are appearing in the food-, petfood- and household chemical industry.

Primary usage is as a top layer of the laminated structures as a printing medium, but other graphical purpose usage is also possible. The BOPA films are mainly in use as part of some laminated packaging materials, primarily used for cheese packaging. There are white, metalized and other special types available among our products.

Examples from our portfolio:

  • Corona treated PET, available in gauge of 12, 23, 36 and 50 microns
  • Chemically coated PET (with AC) , available in gauge of 12, 23 and 36 microns
  • Metallised PET, available in gauge of 12, 23 and 36 microns
  • Opaque PET, available in gauge of 125, 190,250 and 350 microns, for electrical /
  • industrial insulation
  • Hot sealable PET films, seals with CPET, APET, BOPET, glass and laminated paper,
  • available in gauge of 12,15, 20, 25 and 30 microns
  • Peelable and sealable PET films, as lidding films, available in gauge of 12 and 25
  • microns
  • Matt paperlike effect PET available in 12 micron
  • PvdC laminated high barrier PET in 12 micron
  • PET twist films, for twist packaging of candies, available in gauge of 19 and 22
  • microns
  • BAPO films, available in 15 microns with corona treated version

In Hungary Mipack KFT represents the Italian PE producer, Thermoplast. Their products can be devided into 3 main groups: films for medical, for industrial and for food packaging use

These products are coextruded films with one or more layers, which can contain polimers like poliamid (PA), poliester (PE) and ethil-vinil-alcohol (EVOH).

The sealing layer most of the time is PE and the added polimer layers provide extra attributes, like sealability, peelability at easily openable foils, barrier foils with O2 or water vapor barrier (VWTR), strong sealing properties and films suitable for freezing.

Of course we can propose a solution to any kind of special requests.

Most common layer structures are: PE//EVOH//PE

For packaging material pruduction and printing we sell aluminium reels which can be laminated and are printable. The gauge of the foils starts at 5,5 microns and is a perfect solution to ensure the resistance for light, oxigen and water vapor.

It can be used as middle part of a triplex laminate in the following cases:

  • Bag production
  • Retort bag production
  • Packaging materials for automated packaging lines
  • Cheese packaging foils
  • Food packaging with direct contact with the product, like hollow chocolate figures
  • Lid foils
  • Label foils
  • Wine capsules

Industrial usage

  • Construction insulation
  • Cable insulation

Most common layer structures in this area are:

  • PET//ALU//PE
  • Alu//paper//Pe
  • Paper//PE//ALU//PE

A shrink sleeve label is one of the best method to create a unique and differentiating packaging, and also insures a lot of space for information to be visualized on the product.

It is suitable to give a full body cover packaging for all the different shape and size bottles and jars. As part of the shrink sleeve labelling or just as a top perforated security sealing, it prooves the originiality of the item and ensures refilling is impossible without acknowledging and also protects agains product copying. The range consist of PVC, PET and OPS foils with 55-78% shrinking rate.

On top of these foils we also sell the machinery capable to provide the above packagings, so we can provide the whole packaging system for shrinking /sleeving.

Content to this section will be added soon.

Bag in tasakok


Mipack is the exclusive partner in Hungary for the Octopack bag-in-box packaging system provided by the Bulgarian Artemis group. The octopack bag-in-box is a perfect solution for drinking liquids like wine, fruit and vegetable juices or even water in bigger quantities, as the company developed these especially for the above items.

Octopack pays special attentions to ensure that the requirements of the HACCP quality insurance system are kept at a high level at all areas of production, logstics. We keep a stock in our Budapest warehouse, from where we can provide the bags as of 1 full case quantity and above.
1 full case consist of either 400 or 500 packs.
Its size is 800*600*350mm.

Advantages or BB bags:

100% guarantee
immediate availability from stock
comes with a hygienic dispenser
environmentally friendy

We can also provide the most suitable machinery for Your purposes, and we also supply all the necessary data to prepare Your investment.



Happy Group is one of the largest tray manufacturers in Europe. Mipack Kft. distributes the PP, APET and PS trays.

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